She's my type.

I could never do it like you do.

The enemy troops closed in on the city.

Suresh couldn't resist touching it.

I can't come with Maria.

The collar is too tight round my throat.

Night had completely fallen before we knew.


I'm using an expensive watch.

You eat such unpleasant tasting things often. Your palate is strange, isn't it?

Have you told her already?

Radek drank straight from the can.

It may give rise to serious trouble.


Cyrus's my niece.

Don is perverse.

I don't know who my ancestors are. Our papers got lost during the Flood.


There's a phone in the kitchen.


The girl under the tree looks sad.

There's a bank about a hundred metres from the library.

Barry walks through this park every morning on his way to work.


I feel like learning Esperanto.

My older brother manages that company.

I don't understand it.

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Honey, are you OK?

I wasn't making fun of you.

I become a pear because I eat pears.


The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.

It's really hard.

I applied for a visa.

Anita pitched his tent next to mine.

A baby was flung out of its mother's arms when a plane hit severe turbulence while commencing its descent prior to landing.

Neither happiness nor misery last forever.

I can speak French and also Spanish.

Laugh as much as you like; I'll stick to my plan to the bitter end.

I told you he would say yes when you asked him!


I finally beat him.


You're making me uneasy.

I hate getting up early.

Anyway, let's take a look.

Claudio started walking.

I disagree, it's not racist to use the word "race."

You said that you were planning on buying a new one.

Your friendship is important.

She ordered the room to be swept.

Only the Chinese and the Russians have missiles strong enough to destroy aircraft carriers.

Hold the vase with both hands.

I think you're too sick to go to school.

I can solve this problem.

The cat prefers fish to meat.


What's your most expensive wine?

You have a habit of exaggerating everything.

Without supplies, his army could not fight very long.

Without your consent, nothing can be done about it.

Milk gives me a stomachache.

We haven't seen each other in a long time.

I want Liza to lose.

That woman is beautiful.

Many thanks for this illustrative collection of examples.


What does that mean, exactly?


Have a good look at this picture and tell me whether or not you can find me in it.

I think Pontus is improving.

I can usually hear my neighbor's TV.

That's not so important.

Cats are related to tigers.

When she starts to cry, what shall I do with her?

I'll clean it up for you.


That was well worth the wait.

Detectives are still investigating.

One should do one's best to be happy.


I modified the formation.

I met a girl.

I was sorry to hear what happened.

Don't go near the fire.

We're about the same weight.

My mother has never talked to your father before.

I just finished reading this book.


We thought we could do it.

Why are guys so stupid?

I used to be fat like you.

Was there something you wanted to say to me?

Graeme painted the walls white.

I've become used to Joe.

What accounts for the fact that women outlive men?

Amigo asked Kay if she wanted to go for a walk.

He says you're cute.


Which would you prefer, coffee or tea?


You sent a letter from Algeria.


Fasten your seatbelt.


There's a lot we still don't know.

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Jess bought new laces for his shoes.

What have you learned, Elwood?

Are you sure there's nothing left to drink?


Would you go to the supermarket and get some butter?

"Who wants to go swimming with me?" "We all do."

Here's to your future.

You're among friends.

Are you going to vote in the upcoming election?

Are they open on Sunday?

I'm the one who has to do that if I can't convince someone else to do it.

I lead a happy life.

I got a pregnancy test.

Guy and I aren't Canadians.

My favorite music instrument is the flute.


Her anger is understandable.

Put it on my tab.

Why are you smiling?

The pain started last night.

Marika has always wanted to learn Japanese.

Nicholas doesn't want to hang out with us.

I reached school before the rain started.

It's probably hard.

That company hires people without regard to race, religion, or nationality.

Merat took the CD from its case and inserted it in the player.

Sjaak tried to remember the last time he had visited an art museum.

I think I'll go talk to Erick.

I haven't thought about Tim in years.

Who are those for?

I've been wanting to ask you out for a long time.


They scarcely need it at all.

Sriram and Van are now asleep.

Vishal will be catching the next flight back to Boston.


People need to be aware of their differences, but also embrace their commonness.

I wanted to tell Jeannie something, but I decided it would be better if I didn't.

Your friendship is most precious to me.

Please write me back at your earliest convenience.

Would you please pass the potatoes?

Manny is chewing his fingernails.

Everyone seeks happiness.

Yvonne offered to pay Donna to clean his house.

Darren and Dan don't sleep in the same room.

Do you run every day?

Something seems to be wrong with the stereo set.


She did the homework herself.

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Am I handsome or not?

Can you juggle?

If Bob had listened to and followed my advice, everything would have gone better.

Don't you have nausea?

It would be prudent to worry about the details now.


Workers in France receive four weeks of paid vacation each year.

Soohong completely ignored me.

Janos arrived too late.

We should try to treat everybody with justice.

Lighten up.

He failed in business, and to make matters worse, his wife fell ill.

Your uncle perished by the sword; you will perish by water; and your Jean-Pierre by fire!

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At least I know Pablo is safe right now.


You still need more sleep, don't you?


She can understand everything I am saying.


My sister is younger than me.

I told you I'd be quick and I wasn't lying.

When I was young, I would play near that river.


Donate your money to the poor and you'll have treasure in heaven.


The busiest men find the most time.

We better go.

The old man is hard to please.


I can't find a thing.


Wind energy has been used to some extent in many countries.


He was involved in a traffic accident.

I'm sorry, but my answer is no.

You can't be serious.


We're in serious trouble.

Ranjit tentatively opened the door.

Sorry, I can't come into work today because I'm feeling under the weather.